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Storage Unit Options in Fresno, CA

Whether you need storage for your boat, R/V, business inventory, a custom car, or any other large items, rest assured that Dakota Park Boat and R/V Storage has the storage spaces that you need. If you have large storage plans, we are your best choice.
Cars, Boats, and R/V's in storage - Large Space Storage in Fresno, CA
Vehicle Wash Area  - Large Space Storage in Fresno, CA
At Dakota Park Boat and R/V Storage, you can store twice as much for the same price as a smaller unit because our storage units are 16 feet tall. We strive to keep our prices the same per linear foot as the competition, and this means that we offer true value to you when you need to store business inventory or other items such as tools, vehicles and more. More than that, our facility is secure and easy to access. Drive-up access is available 24-hours a day, and our facility is monitored by an alarm system and an on-site staff at all times. We also have smoke detectors and fire sprinklers to further keep your items safe from harm.

When you need to store your items in an off-site location and are reviewing the storage options, rest assured that you will find what you are looking for at Dakota Park Boat and R/V Storage. We offer a full range of storage options in a variety of sizes for your needs. These include:
  • Private Enclosed Units (14' x 50', 14' x 35')
    Ideal for individual vehicle storage
  • Carport Units (12' x 45', 12' x 35')
    A low cost way to keep your vehicle out of the sun
  • Merchant Units (14' x 50', 14' x 45', 14' x 35')
    Perfect for storing business equipment, inventory, or supplies
  • Maxi-Storage (10' x 20' and up)
    Large units for storing large items and vehicles.
Commercial Unit Layout - Large Space Storage in Fresno, CA
Enclosed Unit Layout - Large Space Storage in Fresno, CA
When you contact our office directly for more information about the storage options, we can discuss your storage needs and can help you to find the right unit for you. You can always expect to enjoy personalized service through our office.

Things to know when storing you boat.

Different seasons will dictate your boats storage. In the summer, you want quick access to your boat so you can get on the water quickly. During the off season, you want to protect your investment the best way you can, from the winter elements and thieves or vandals. Here at Dakota Park we pride ourselves in this service.

Things to know about storing your RV.

Winterizing you RV is actually much more than putting anti freeze in your RV. Batteries, ventilation, bugs, sealant, fuel and numerous other things need to be considered when getting your RV ready for storage.

  • Make sure your RV cover is breathable. This will limit mold growing under the cover.
  • Inflate your tires every so often so you don't get a flat spot on them.
  • Pull all blinds down and close the curtains. Sun rays will damage you interior and could lead to possible discoloration
  • Remover anything perishable. The last thing you want to do is to come back to your RV and have to clean up spoiled waste.
  • Make sure you add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank. Make sure you start up your vehicle every two months to circulate the gas in the tank and engine.